August 15, 2022 1:19 am

What’s the best thing to sell online? Responding to customers in the Covid era

It’s been almost 2 years since the Covid-19 epidemic situation. In our house, it is still unresolved. causing the work that used to be in the future to become sluggish, and the financial liquidity is not as fluid as before causing many people to look for extra income such as online sales Because it is a business that anyone can easily start on their own.

can start investing with only a thousand or tens of thousands Some people earn income from online sales. more than the regular salary But selling things online is easy. But not everyone has the same success. because everyone thinks the same way But did you know that the products that we will sell are the same as others? But there are many

customers in the online world. there is a difference for the success of starting online sales of new merchants or old hands that have been sold for a long time But sales are not scorching. We will tell you the secrets of online selling to suit the lifestyle of each

group of customers. and products that should be sold Any good tips? We’ve included all the information here.

Understand the lifestyle of customers in the right place Sell ​​online quickly

before starting to find products to sell Vendors should understand the preferences of each group of customers. will be able to sell products easily Especially in today’s social media, there are many to choose from. There are habits on different platforms. and the player’s preferences are not the same If we want to sell products on these channels

• Facebook. Now the players are adults who are just starting to work to adults who are 60 years old. Most of the lifestyles of Facebook users are sharing life stories. Most of them are serious. provide knowledge If you want to sell, start selling online. may look at this group as the main whereby we may start selling products through groups on

Facebook In the first phase we don’t have any trading credit. may have to explain the product to the buyer in detail with real product images to build credibility Or if anyone has a smartphone, they may use the LIVE function to help promote the product if they have just started and no one has come to see it. Or buy, don’t be discouraged, bring

our LIVE to deposit according to the group. to call people in Or you can use the Marketplace function to sell our products as well. The more frequently a product is updated, the greater the chance that we will be able to sell it.

• Instagram for this social media. Most of them are the base of students of school age, from high school to working age. Both beginners and middle-aged people. The lifestyle of Instagram users is like taking photos, sharing videos, sharing stories in life, from eating food. travel or fashion Products that merchants want to sell on this platform

should be fashion items such as swimwear or branded handbags, colorful phone cases. Or it is a type of food and beverages such as coffee, it may make it popular. Easier to sell And products sold through Instagram should not be priced too high. because the

lifestyle of customers in this platform Popular items that are not very expensive, can be bought often, which products are popular among teenagers, the more they sell well.

• Twitter, a social media focused on typing messages. But here most of the servants are teenagers since high school. most student age The lifestyle of customers on this platform is focused on telling stories. Various stories in life, every story, and the stories of their favorite singers. especially Korean singers like EXO, BTS or Blackpink If you

want to sell products on the Twitter platform, you should focus on products that satisfy your preferences. This group of people will generate a lot of income, such as sheet music, dolls, artist-related items, or photobooks of Korean artists, because Twitter has a Korean sneaker. sticky When the product is about their favorite artist. whether the

price is more or less Artist’s fan club has a lot of purchasing power. If we find products to sell in the right type. can continue to make profits on this platform, but the advice to sell products that focus on the artist fan group That is, we should not add too much profit. The selling price should be reasonable. If it is a type of product that needs to be

opened for pre-order should be transparent Focus on genuine sales It will help us sell online on Twitter sustainably.

• LINE, the popular chat app that almost everyone uses smartphones, whether they are children. or an adult must be ingested but for merchants that are starting to sell online I want everyone to see our products without having to be in a specific group like other social media by using the LINE My Shop function that can be used like we have a real

storefront with a management system. The shop behind the house allows us to use it for free. We only use our LINE OA account to register. For LINE My Shop, we can add products that we want to sell. payment page and a professional stock system The products that are recommended during this period may be clothes, both first-hand and

second-hand, or they may receive products from SMEs to sell again. Besides we will have income It is also considered to help SMEs to sell products as well.