May 16, 2022 4:57 am

What sells well? What is the trend of best selling products in the online world in 2021?

Today, the Internet plays an important role in our daily lives and can be compared to the 5th factor that is important in our lives because today. Keeping track of information, learning new things. Beware of the dangers of communication with people,

work, study, economy, society all need the internet. It can be said that in a day we may be online more than a quarter of the total time each day.

As the online world has stepped in to play an increasingly important role, it has resulted in more trade and economic growth as well. Therefore, many merchants began to come up with new ideas and channels for doing business. Trading has become a new form of trading, that is, “online sales”. Currently, many or almost all products are sold online,

whether it’s clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics. Mobile computers used in savory dishes – sweet and more

1. Supplements.

It can be said that it has been a popular online sale for the past 2-3 years. Because dietary supplements are considered products that are easy to sell. Profits are good and they have a wide range of customers but vice versa. There are different types of dietary supplements, whether they be vitamin pills, herbal medicines, or specialized medicines.

Should study the information and details carefully that the supplement really benefits the customer. However, you should try it for yourself. To know the results and be able to tell the benefits of that supplement to customers as well This will result in your sales being good as well as gaining credibility.

2. Clothes / shoes / bags / accessories.

Apparel and accessories have been popular for a long time. both in-store sales including the online world as well merchants Both old and new pages turn to invest more in this group of businesses in online channels because these product groups There is a relatively large group of customers, easy to trade, easy to reach customers. And even

faster delivery. It will be more trust. confidence from customers Resulting in more sales coming in all the time.

Integration with the online world of apparel and accessories make new brand owners custom tailored designs has stepped into more roles The variety of products is also increasing as well, plus the style and brand identity. That’s an option for more customers. Which is considered a selling point of this business group ever.


  1. Cosmetics / skin care creams,

    if the number of products and brand owners in the online world is counted. You can see that the cosmetic and skin care business There are a lot of the top ones that have it all. In addition, there are many customer groups as well. An important part that makes this group of businesses grow and have a large number. It might be because of the female

customers who tend to order online more than go out and buy. Including the launch of new products, new styles, scents, colors, ingredients, a variety of interesting, making customers feel like trying. especially having a review from a celebrity or celebrities in

the online world The more it increases the credibility of the cosmetic products. and more skin creams

For anyone who wants to invest in this business, let me tell you. You need to plan very carefully on what you will do and what your target audience will be. and to be a target group of women You have to delve into what age, education, interests, and what is important is the product you are selling. because now the cosmetic product group There

are many skin creams. You have to get the attention of customers to be able to see your product. And use marketing to help.

4. Idea work / handmade work / local products.

Handmade Product Ideas Business Group Local products, OTOP products are also used in the online world to promote their products. Although such business groups are not very widespread nowadays. when compared to other business groups But these products It will be a product group that can create more value of the product. And it will

open up more markets and customer bases in foreign countries as well. Because these products are often eye-catching products for tourists, collectors, therefore, bringing the products to be further developed and applied in a modern way will increase the value of this business group. and if anyone has the skill or confident in the work of their own

ideas You have to enter the online market. because in addition to getting Thai customers There are also many opportunities to get foreign customers as well.

5. IT products, electronic devices.

We can see that on the web selling online or online shopping websites. There will be IT products and electronic devices. Many are sold, whether it is notebooks, smartphones, tablets, cameras and other things that customers will be able to buy very easily. without having to travel to the store again just go to the website and press order

Customers will have these products already. If you are interested in selling this group of products. You can cut the investment in front of the shop right away. because now online channels are open And it gives you a lot of opportunities to tell that it’s worth the investment! Limitations of IT products and electronic devices It exists as well That is,

the issue of out of stock items, obsolete products, which is inevitable. Because

technology comes fast, so you follow trends fast, market fast, sell fast, and try to organize promotions. to clear the stock in time as well

  1. Household items

    Another group of products that are equally popular in the online world is home appliances, various home appliances. whether cleaning equipment cooking equipment and the equipment and tools which is the same as IT products that customers will be able to buy easily without having to travel to the store because now equipment and

household items Available on many different websites. There is also a fast delivery service. and quality as well

For anyone who wants to sell this group of products online. You will need to focus on the usefulness of the product. Increasing convenience for users usable beauty And reasonable prices ensure that your online store. The peak is soaring!

7. Used clothes / shoes / bags

No matter how many years have passed, second-hand products are always in demand from customers when you first start selling online. You can bring your own clothes, shoes, bags and sell them first because it will reduce costs, study the market, study customers and sales methods as well. therefore gradually expanding from selling their

own clothes It is to pick up from a second-hand clothing source. to make the product more diverse for the price Second-hand goods will focus on selling cheap. And if you

can sell large quantities You will earn a lot at once, so consider and plan. Before investing too.

8. Antiques, rare items.

Most of the people who sell antiques, collectibles, antiques, and rare items already have their own storefronts. These people began to adjust. By selling more of this group of products online. because it increases sales channels and make customers who do not know us or have seen us You can find our shop through the internet. For those who are

interested in selling antiques and rare items if you don’t want to have a storefront. It will be sold through online stores only. can do But may have to make an appointment to see the customer To give customers confidence in your products Because they are

old, rare items are often priced quite high. and to sell these things Must be a customer who really likes or is interested.

9. Children’s toys, dolls.

Both children’s toys, dolls, or mother and child products. They are products that are popular as well on the online world because of the housewives. having to stay at home to take care of the little ones Probably wouldn’t have much time to go out and buy things. So I can only shop through online stores. which this group of products There are

also many mothers to choose from. Because the merchants Often bring this group of products to sell because they are easy to sell. Many customers. Products have no expiration date. and does not follow technology trends much So you don’t have to

worry about backlog of products. For new merchants who are targeting this group of products It’s something interesting.

  1. Mobile accessories.

    Mobile phone accessories are seeing an increase in sales every year. Because today’s mobile phones are sold all the time. whether any brand also the design Improvements in appearance and functions It is what drives that accessory. There are good sales as well. Especially mobile phone cases, charging cables, screen films and backup batteries

that are sold both in-store and online. So customers can buy it very easily. The price ranges from cheap to expensive. Depending on the brand and material used of the product, so who will group mobile accessories? It may be necessary to study the source of purchase. to get cheap and many competitors