August 15, 2022 1:31 am

What are the 6 interesting SME businesses in 2021?

1. Delivery business The

situation of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 is making a shopping mall. Restaurants are temporarily closed. Restaurant operators had to adjust to open take-away service only, resulting in a tremendous growth in the food delivery service business. There is also a

tendency to grow The restaurant facing the Service Delivery to increase as a way to increase the chance to reach a wider audience

2. Education.

In the era of the epidemic and everyone must keep their distance Studying online is a great option for those who want to learn more. for use in work or increase skills important no matter where can study online Plus some online courses Allow students to review their knowledge at any time without limitation. when like this It’s not just students. Even entrepreneurs can learn more To further their business as well.

3. Business of online sales.

Nowadays, online selling business or E-commerce business is growing rapidly. Because there is a large customer group, can use Social Media to generate sales Or promote products such as Instagram, Facebook or Youtube, etc. You can do business selling online for free or if you lose money, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. It’s like

running a business in the old days. Therefore, anyone looking for an additional career, this is another interesting business.

  1. Online consulting services business.

    In the digital era where online marketing is becoming more and more popular, many entrepreneurs have to adapt to the trend. to survive and increase opportunities for growth If anyone who has knowledge and skills in Online Marketing or has other expertise, whether it is expertise in law, accounting, business administration or

international business dealings can earn money through this channel by starting a business like a consultant Waiting to provide consulting services related to your existing expertise.

5. Business about the elderly.

According to the Foundation of Thai Gerontology Research and Development Institute, Thailand will become a fully aging society in 2021, meaning that it will not be long before. We will have a large proportion of the elderly population in the country. Of course, entrepreneurs who can hit different problems. would try to pioneer a business

or product to support the needs of the elderly Customers with relatively high purchasing power They also like to look for healthy products.

Therefore, if anyone is interested in the elderly business There are quite a few options such as homes for the elderly, supplementary food for the elderly, equipment for the elderly, activity courses for the elderly. or pet business to take care of the elderly, etc.

6. Meal Kit food business

With the urban lifestyle where life is full of hustle and bustle But eating is still a necessity of life. And when you rarely have the opportunity to go to the fresh market to buy ingredients to cook at home. or go out to eat This creates a new option for people who want to cook their own food easily and also taste like eating at a restaurant, that

is, a meal kit business, or selling a set of food ingredients to customers to cook by themselves. Home Considers Meal Kit as a business that meets the needs of consumers

who want to avoid leaving the house to meet people. or people who may not have cooking skills To be able to cook delicious food similar to what the restaurant can do.