May 16, 2022 6:24 am

The formula for playing baccarat at the master level, part 2

The second formula is the same fixed bet formula.

Static money transfers are suitable for players who want to dabble in playing for sure. By making fixed deposits in baccarat, players can calculate from the beginning how much they will cost. To get how much profit every day and the formula is simple, suitable for normal players who want to play. The same constant formula can be calculated as having an initial investment of 10,000 baht, 10,000 baht, 100 baht

per unit will get an investment of 100 units, whereby we will set a percentage like 5%. We want to invest starting from 10,000. × 5% = 500 is that we will invest starting at 500 baht and keep going down a bit until we reach the point where we have profited 20% from the principal to 2000 baht, then we stop.

play By which we may be absent before playing the next day tomorrow or another day because we shouldn’t play baccarat in a distance.

Long should be played as a short game only according to the specified plans. And the next day we calculate the capital starting from the capital and profit of the past day like a return example of 10,000 baht + 2000 baht to 12,000 baht and keep doing this often.

This formula may not be a formula where we can get big money instantly, but it is definitely a formula that will not make us lose because this formula is very low risk compared to the walking formula. Other baccarat formulas

The third formula is Bao Jin Must Formula.

Bao Jin formula must be another baccarat formula in the legend that many people take advantage of and get good results. Only each game will not look at the cards. But it’s also another formula that is very attractive. This formula is an ancient formula that will have a way to look at the game as a two-way game. Number one, if either side wins with the next two cards, bet on the Player side. The second

formula is when one side wins with the next three cards, bet on the Banker side. If If both sides are equal, we should stop placing bets first. The game is presented with the next two cards, bets are placed on the player’s side, such as if the three-card draw wins, so the next turn is placed on the banker’s side, the game is won with the next three-card draw. to bet on the banker’s side

Using this Baojin formula, if to get more and more efficiency, we should use this formula together with the martingale money, it will give us a lot more opportunities. The importance of Bao Jin formula should be as simple as this, but it is considered effective for many people at once.

How is it that I play baccarat that is considered one of the art in online casinos. There are many ways to play and how to play. Looks like baccarat is a game that is easy to play, quick and easy to finish. But we can take a method Including a formula for walking money that is suitable for each eye Adapted for our

play with the most quality, while we also have fun from playing baccarat as well. See you in the next article. Hello.