August 14, 2022 11:46 pm

Choose the right one. Choose to be hit. What should I sell in this kind of economy? 2021

Hello everyone, today we are going to introduce you to this economic era. Starting a business need to think twice more carefully than before Due to the behavior of Thai customers, they still don’t dare to shop as before. Therefore, we would like to suggest that in this economic era, what to sell in 2021 so that everyone has a guideline,

whether to expand the existing business. Or is it for newbies who want to start a business? What’s going on? Let’s go and see. Is

there a cost to open a franchise?

One of the options that came up When you start a business and have a certain amount of capital. Buying a franchise to manage it yourself seems to be the easiest. Because you don’t need any business plans or formulas. Because most franchise owners will have this service for you already. however Opening a franchise has many hidden costs.

Whether it is a matter of space, location, raw materials, employees, etc., so not every franchise business will always be prosperous. It may also take a long time to pay back from 3 months – 1 year at all, however, there are still sales franchises that are growing in this era, for example, bubble tea franchise Popular sweet water that many Thai

people love and can’t live without, transportation service franchise That has gained high popularity because of the growth of online sales. Or will it be a restaurant franchise? with support for food delivery service,

cost is limited but want to do business

from the above Maybe running a franchise business is not for you. due to the limited cost But it’s okay. Because there are still other ways that can be done. You may start your business by selling online. Through the sales platform on the application, we are good or may choose to sell in the area near the office to work. But as I said, not all

products will be desired by customers. Finding products that meet the needs of customers Along with understanding the current situation that even we do not want to go out and the cost of the product So, what’s good to sell online in 2021? To answer the question of what you should choose the most, we have chosen Interesting

information as an idea for everyone. Either the former business owner or the person who is preparing to become a seller, including

fashion, must come!

Even though the covid epidemic has come to the second wave, many offices have a work from home policy. Many people may think that selling clothes online. various hair fashion It may not be necessary because we don’t have a need to go out. On the other hand, having more time drives us to more shopping. Many people are meticulous in

dressing up to be full, playing bigger, flashing lights than before. In addition, the fashion trend is rapidly changing. The more we have to keep up Combined with the convenience of shopping through the sales app. Just one click and it’s in front of your

house. This makes fashion still an option that many people are interested in and consume.

Prepare to sell gat seven Awaken the star in you

Another hot product that no one can’t hold is the type of product that is used to live or make a Vlog via online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok or Youtube. Smartphones, cell phone stands, selfie sticks, mics, digital cameras, GoPros, headphones, flash lights, notebooks and many more are popular. Having digital content

online has grown in popularity since last year’s lockdown. and still continues to this day When looking at the statistics, it is found that the number of downloads of the “Tiktok” application is still very popular until now. You can easily become a star or influencer by playing challenges in the app. A popular shoppertainment is that customers will go to

see the live sale and make a decision to buy that product. at that time Or will it be a stream of gamers as well? It is indicative of the needs of those who have these gadgetry.

cute pet accessories

Another interesting business group is the pet business that has continued to grow. The pet market is poised to grow even further as the shift from pet lover to pet parent behavior has made pet owners more supportive. Take good care like a child. Originally taken care of as a pet being retreated as a baby Therefore, the demand for spending

for beloved pets is high. Whether it’s pet food, pet food, strap, pet bed, pet cage, cat condo, etc., they are all necessary and indispensable for the kids.