May 16, 2022 5:55 am

Check 7 things. Prepare to be “Online sellers”

what must be learned in the next order is preparation before opening What do you need to prepare for an “online store”? When it is actually open for sale, you will be able to trade without interruption. Help to make good sales and reduce the chance of loss We summarize 7 items as follows:

1) Set investment budget and choose products to sell

“Investment budget” is the first thing you need to plan your product sales budget. Because it will determine the limit for our shop. prevent the budget escalation then have to “Find products to sell” should start with the preferences of the merchant. and check the needs of customers in the market as well should go to the area to explore the

product In order to get the best products that meet the needs as much as possible, such as

• Rong Kluea Market: focusing on “second-hand goods”, clothes, shoes, bags, blankets, home decorations, etc.

• Bobae Market / Sampeng / Pratunam : a wholesale source in Thailand. Get first-hand items at a cheap price.

• OTOPToday : a source of OTOP products. handmade products Health Products/Herbs

• VoucherToday : a place to collect vouchers for furniture purchases. Electrical appliances, shopping cards

2) Sales channels Choose to suit your target audience.

There are various online sales channels such as selling on websites that have opened up by themselves. or sell through the platform e-Marketplace such as Shopee, Lazada is also convenient. Or selling through Social Commerce such as Facebook, IG, Line are also popular.

In this regard, the target customers should be studied. and customer access In order to choose the sales channel that best matches the usage of the target audience

3) Marketing on social media

need to focus on “Online marketing” or promoting the store through various social media such as Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram, Line or YouTube to help increase sales and marketing channels. These mediums can reach a large number of people

easily and quickly. Buyers and sellers interact instantly. It saves a lot of promotion costs.

4) Manage your “time” well

before starting to actually sell online. You should prepare and rehearse on “time” management, as online sales are traded 24 hours a day. in order to prevent the trade from breaking the balance of life Can use technology “Chatbot” (Chatbot), which is an automated message communication program. Provide basic information such as price

and product details. To reply to customers quickly without having to wait for chat 24 hours.

5) Payment methods. The customer must be the most convenient

Merchants should provide a variety of payment methods. For the convenience of customers when paying Whether it’s cash on delivery, e-banking, credit/debit card payments, counter service payments, other online accounts (PayPal, Rabbit LINE pay, mPay), and fees should be specified. In addition, must pay attention to the customer

and be responsible if there is a mistake, for example, if the wrong product is delivered or the product is damaged (from the origin of the store) may be responsible by transferring money back to the customer. Or change the product to a new one for free, etc.

6) Understand the tax filing of “Online Store”

Did you know? Occupation “Selling online” Merchants must also “file taxes” whether you are an online merchant who earns only one way from selling online. Or will it be a salaryman who sells products online along with They have to file 2 types of taxes,

which are P.N. Dor. 94 and P.N. Dor. 90, which must be filed according to the Revenue Department.

7) Delivery must be fast, inexpensive

, and shipping is another. Things to study well Must choose a shipping system that delivers fast, easy, convenient, good service. The important thing is that the delivery fee is not expensive in order to make “online sellers” more profitable. may be considered from various services Of the transportation system, such as

• There is an appointment service. Pick up service to the location for free!

• Cash on

delivery service for customers. • Fast delivery / cheap delivery service. Let customers choose what they want.