May 16, 2022 6:17 am

Business tips for beginners

“What are you doing after finishing your studies?” Many people may think like the general public. After graduating, he went to work on a regular basis. But there are some people who don’t like being a salaryman. But I want to have my own business and find out what business is good to be successful. In this article, we’ll dig into tips for

creative ideas and a starting point for starting a business for beginners. Maybe it’s a salaryman who plans to earn extra income. or a newly graduated child does not break any rules Let’s see the idea that What’s a good business for newbies? Let’s try to follow.

Tip 1 “Start a business from what you like”

What’s a good business for newbies? It has to start from looking for a career based on what we like. This one sounds simple. But the difficulty is in what we like that when it comes out, people will buy it or not. Will someone use the service or not? Such an idea has led many to give up business plans that start with what we love. From the personal

experience of the author What business will a newbie start to have a chance of success? I have to start with what I like. we will do it for a long time And not easily get bored on the other hand, if we do business from things we don’t like. but we want money When obstacles come to greet us, we are easily discouraged and will do it painfully. I still

believe in starting my own business from something I like. starting from the inside Let’s look for each other.

Tip 2 “Find a point of purchase, not a point of sale”.

In the past, the production of goods and services Product owners are always looking for the selling point of their products. or own service But thinking like that is something that many people already know. A newbie who is deciding what business to do. And will our business be the best or not? Let’s try to think the opposite. Instead of looking for a

selling point Let’s try to look for a point of purchase. The point of purchase that is The point where the customer makes a purchase decision. And of course, getting to the point where customers decide to buy requires observing consumer behavior. Take a

deeper look at why customers buy products. What motivates customers to think that this product must be bought or cannot be bought? Guarantee that it’s definitely worth it.

Tip 3 “Look out for the future”

For newbies who are looking for a way to do business. If we go into business at the sunset = we go into ruin. We have to waste both physical and mental strength. Wasting time in vain It is much better if we do business that is trending or trending. We must always keep in mind that few competitors or have more demand than the product

Because the caution of doing business in the trend is “competitors” that may come in at any time.

Tip 4 “Don’t let the voice of others be louder than the voice of our hearts”.

This secret is an example from the experience of an online businessman who in the past was a newbie looking for the best business. and decided to do business online But there are people who argue that it will never succeed. but in his heart he thought Running an online business is low cost. but high returns if successful Fortunately, the voice in his

heart was louder than anyone else’s. Make his online business happen today. And become another source of money in life. In this case, if that businessman gave up, there would be no work like today. Therefore, we should listen to the voices in our

hearts a lot, but be careful not to be “reckless”, that is, do business without thinking twice.

Tip 5 “Be careful of your back”

When you know that a newbie will do good business. Got the right business idea? And have actually done it, and then quickly succeeded. But later, he missed the “ruin” because we didn’t plan the finances. or plan the liquidity of the business Many times,

good businesses die because of lack of liquidity, so financial planning and leverage is like a caution. because if we only run forward but don’t care about the back most definitely when we stumble It will fall loudly.

Tip 6 “Start doing it as soon as we are confident”

for those who have been searching for a good business for a long time. Have you ever been that in the meantime? When we meet new business, we think in our mind that “This business we’ve thought of before, but we haven’t done it. Someone has done it… We really can think of it first.” This kind of thinking is useless. And it’s very nonsensical.

We cannot claim that it is our opinion. If we just think of one thing, then anyone can think of it. But what makes it different is the action. “What good business newbies do” to “How to make our business prosper” in the end
, the 6 secrets are not a fixed formula. But it is summarized in a nutshell based on the

author’s own personal experience. Newbies who still don’t know what business to do Including people who have tried to do it and try to adjust it. don’t forget “Start doing it as soon as we are confident.”